excuseme ex c use me

ex c u se me unfinished come back please, i can never feel finished with you, i queen of the affair, cannot turn you into an affair
your place in my heart is entirely part of my beauty, your invisible inner self is the only self i care for inside myself

exuse me for all that i am not, i am only too aware of my deep-seated ability to


a magick wand is a rush of pleasure leaving no trace behind, nor anticipation. worth it.
the moment is too intense to hold on to. it is pure.

cue use me
it is only too easy for me to understand why a mistake, mistaken attitude tempts

ex see cuse me no? yes?

sex c u e stamping my foot - i want what i want - i want - i want - i want -

esex c u excuse making one to excuse me cue esexE-SEX

avid freedom of my mind, i cannot make claims nor speak to you of intellectual constructions, you are the person whose balance crosses the threshold of anxiety to find an emotion so refined as to be

as ancient as symbols
and explicit: explicit only in warmth, empathy and conception. physicality superseded by beauty

excuseme ex c use me

ex c u se me unfinished come back please of you
i understand, i leave change to chi and the powers that be